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Countdown to Christmas

Where has the time gone?

We are eleven days from Christmas! And I barely started my holiday checklist. 

It’s the same every year; hopefully, I can add more things to it in the upcoming years. I think we can all tell I am a creature of habit and like repetition. 

  • Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
  • Make Hot Cocoa from scratch 
  • Decorate a gingerbread house
  • Make my 2022 ornanament
  • Christmas movie marathon
  • Holiday crafts 
  • plan my 2023 goals
  • Write my letter to Santa
  • Send out Christmas cards 
  • Make Tamales 
  • Drive and see Christmas lights

The current list has no particular order. These are things I try to do every year. Do I do a special something every year? Heck no! It wasn’t until I put up the tree I noticed I did not make a 2021 ornament. I got ornaments as a gift, but I didn’t make any.  

For a Christmas movie marathon, my must-watch movies are:

Noelle, it’s on Disney Plus. Super cute movie with Anna Kindrick as Santa’s daughter who has to help her brother become the next Santa Claus. 

The Muppet Christmas Story is also on Disney plus. I would love for a bunch of very serious movies with the muppets. The Muppets’ version of Hamlet would be amazing.  

The Little Shop Around the Corner is a classic romance. Boy meets girl, and they reject each other they fall in love. It’s the original enemies turned lovers. 

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is always a must-watch. Where are you Christmas gets stuck in my head the second I hear it.

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