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I Want a Winter Picnic

It’s 49 degrees outside and, basically, midnight, and all I want to do is have a winter picnic.

There’s something about how the moon looks and how it’s cold but not too cold. I think even if it was snowing I’d still want a picnic.

It doesn’t even need to be anything fancy. Something simple, calming and romantic.

Warm blankets wrapped around our shoulders, on top of a hill watching the city lights while drinking hot chocolate with cookies and foil wrapped toasted sandwiches. All the picnic spots in LA close at 10pm. But there are plenty of places to park a car and talk.

My life’s best and most meaningful conversations have been in a car. Car talks are so intimate if you’re with the right person. It’s pretty much completely quiet except for your voices.

Maybe I’ve been reading too many books and watching too many hallmarks. But I think I’ll wait another week until people are finally in the Christmas spirit, have up their lights, and then try to drive around.

Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to wear a matching onesie, get some hot cocoa and drive around. Maybe I can come up with a nice winter sandwich by them. Or maybe make popcorn since well be driving around.

I know picnics are usually associated with summertime. But why not be adventurous and try out a winter picnic?

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