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10 Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Being a full-time student and a part-time worker I forget to make time for myself and even worse I forget to make time for my partner. 

As much as I would love for the two of us to go on fancy dates and spend over $100 easily on a nice dinner and some drinks. I’m poor. Lately our dates have been spending a good half hour trying to decide on a feature to watch, and falling asleep minutes into the intro of a movie we’d already seen.

So if you’re like me and my partner or maybe you’re just a bit more frugal I made a list of things to do in the LA and Long Beach area that are kind of cheap.  Most of these dates cost less than $100. 

  • Picnics

I love picnics. You plan what you want to take and you can go anywhere. We usually make sandwiches or salads but sometimes I mix it up. It all depends on the theme I’m feeling that day. Themes make picnics way more fun cause I can plan activities around the theme. 

  • Museums 

There’s something about just learning and walking around that just is so relaxing. Trips to local museums are typically pretty inexpensive, and are a great way to enjoy art and culture within your own city. I will always recommend going to a museum. 

  1. Pacific Island Ethnic Museum ($5 per person)
  2. Museum of Latin American Art ($15 per person)
  3. The Long Beach Museum of Art ($12 per person)
  4. The Getty (Currently Free)
  • Outdoor Movies

We go to a few different spots. Movies at the beach should be starting back soon since it’s almost summer. But for now we use these sites cause I dont always want to be in a movie theater. They do play old movies but I like it better than staying at home and watching netflix. 

  2. (usually have food trucks) 
  3. (if you love a classic drive-in theater)
  • South Coast Botanic Garden

It’s a pretty place to visit and have picnics on a regular day. But starting on May 25th on Thursdays they are bringing back their Sunset Series. It starts at 5pm and there’s music, food and games we went last year. It’s so fun and only $18 per person. 

Sunset Series
  • LA Smorgasburg

Giant Food Market, need I say more?!? You have to take at least $40 per person, you are going to want to try everything.

  • Angel City Brewery 

For all my 21+ LA babies. I love this place. They do sip and paint nights and other events

  • Golf N Stuff

Sometimes I want to act like a kid and just play minigolf. Their current 2hr wrist bands are $30 per person. Usually they are $40. It doesn’t seem like much but I’d rather save that $20 and spend it on food.

  • Pedal Boats

Ever since I saw 10 Things I Hate About You I have been obsessed with pedal boats. They have these all over the place and during covid they got so popular again. 

  • Happy Hour

Literally any happy hour makes me happy. Check out Playa Amor and Mercado and Bo Beau Kitchen (this one has gluten free and vegan options). I can’t currently remember if UOVO has a happy hour but it’s pretty cheap even without it. 

  • Go on a scavenger hunt at a department store

I’m definitely not original. I got this idea off of tiktok. My boyfriend and I did this in Target once, and it was one of the most entertaining and thoughtful date nights I’ve had in a while. The rules are simple: Grab a grocery cart, set a budget, grab your things and head separately to checkout. Were competitive so the “winner” was whoever checked out first. The goal of this scavenger hunt is to yield items you think that your partner would love. In the end we were both winners. The things we searched for:

1) Favorite drink
2) Favorite snack
3) Favorite color
4) Something that reminds you of them
5) Something that you think they need

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Being Productive

When do you feel most productive?

I used to feel that life was a game. There are stages of life that are individual level with different things we need to learn and complete before moving on. 

In the early years of our life, we learn right and wrong and how to use the restroom properly. We learn to be decent people and respectfully interact with others in school. We learn to be partners and parents, and we gain patience. As adults, our learning slows down, but it doesn’t stop. 

For a long while, it felt like I was stuck and watching others go on faster than me. I was doing nothing, unable to pass go and collect my $200. I wanted to give up multiple times, but I’ve learned it’s easier to think about ending things than actually doing anything.

Life is not a race.

Why should I or anyone stress ourselves out for life? I’m so tired of hearing, “Life is going to pass you by,” because I’m not doing things other people my age are doing. 

I may not be crossing things off my bucket list, but I’m being productive. 

If I asked you what being productive means, every person reading this would have a different answer. 

Maybe having a full schedule? Having babies and a house by a certain age? Crossing things off a never-ending checklist?

I used to think that’s what being productive was too.

To me, being productive isn’t about getting ALL the things done.

Being productive means making progress.

I love checklists, and I love the feeling of accomplishment. Finishing things off and putting a check in the completed box is satisfying. But some days, you can’t always get everything done. 

Sometimes I don’t think it’s the accomplishment I want, but control. Life is so crazy sometimes that I can control how my day will turn out if I have a list, which isn’t true.

So by just starting, I feel in control. Tackling minor problems makes it easier to handle everything else. 

I see myself as being productive if I spend my time in a way that aligns with my values.

That doesn’t mean getting everything done. 

Im not comparing myself to others anymore. I’m taking the steps to have the life I want and deserve. 

I don’t get up earlier or give myself a strict routine to follow. I spend my time intentionally. Between school and work, it is hard to do anything. I make time on my days off and work on bettering myself in my free time. 

I told myself that If I had time to doom scroll on social media, I had time to do something productive. I still use social media sometimes, but I limit my time there. 

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New Month, New Mindset

I hope the start of the month inspires you!

I always look at the beginning of a new month as a fresh start. You can start over every morning, but today is a new month to conquer your goals. There are so many lessons, changes, and beginnings waiting for us.

This month Im leaning toward believing that things will work out, and if they don’t, that’s not for me anyway. We must embrace the changes and struggles that happen in our life. Think of things you would like to do better and more for others, yourself, or change during this new month. Sometimes it will be hard to accept change; other times, it can be easy, but don’t fight it. Keep moving forward, and you will push through it.

It’s never too late to become who you want to be. I hope you live a life that you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Go into this new month with great expectations and

I hope everyone goes into this month loving and safe. Remember, you are human and will make mistakes, but how you respond to those mistakes makes you who you are. We are all a work in progress; all we can do is keep trying.

I believe in you.

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It’s the little things

What are everyday things that bring you happiness?

With all things new, as Summer approaches, there has been a lot of LEARNING for me in the past few months.

I’m working on listening to my body, asking myself what type of person I want to be and how I want to show up in the world, and letting that be the guide for the decisions that I make a. Doing this led me to return to school and spend more time with friends and family.

The thing about stress is It steals your joy!

For years, I’ve over-functioned. I take on other people’s stress as my own and try to be helpful, ensuring everyone is okay. My problem is that I lost my ability to provide for my emotional needs. I got so out of tune with my emotions that I had breakdowns over minor things. Then I decided I was tired of having breakdowns and stopped feeling altogether. You guys know you’ve seen the post.

It’s A LOT!

I’m learning that sometimes others will just be disappointed when I put my own needs first, and I have to be okay with taking care of myself so that I have enough to give to others. Who knew?!  The life lessons keep coming over here, don’t they?! 

My current self-care has been reading, but between reading for school and working. I’m too tired to read for leisure. So I try to search for small moments of joy.

I’ve been working on a list of 12 favorite everyday practices for catching joy.

12 Things That Bring Me Joy

  1. Drinking a cup of iced coffee
  2. Going for brunch
  3. Spending time with my nieces and nephews
  4. Eating a charcuterie board
  5. Browsing in a bookstore
  6. Having my nails done
  7. Creating new recipes
  8. Baking in a kitchen
  9. Dressing up in vintage clothing
  10. Giving people compliments
  11. Spending quality time with my best friend
  12. Good makeup days

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with for your own list of things that bring you JOY.

Do at least one thing a day for yourself – your health and well-being matter!

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Book Challenge Update

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned I would do a book challenge.

If you’d like to do the challenge, it’s never too late; you can find it here.

After starting school again and getting back into the swing of things, it feels like I have a lot of time. And now that I’m going to start working again I won’t have any time for books.

I am still reading my books alphabetically, but I don’t plan to get through the whole alphabet or challenge soon. This sucks because reading over 95 authors last year made me feel like I could do anything this year. That was a little ambitious of me.

I just started reading Beyond the Wand by Tom Felton today. And I’m also planning to read Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark. This book is a little spicy, so I only recommend reading it if you are eighteen or over. On kindle unlimited, it’s illustrated—links to both are listed below.

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Manifest Your Dream Life

To mentally prepare for the year, I can spend all of January and even some of December planning. Usually, I don’t know my wants for the whole year in the first week of January. Nothing wrong with that. Each year is different. Some years for me, January is a rocky month, but by June, I’m like, this is my best year ever. And sometimes, it’s the reverse. It really depends. This year I am controlling the narrative. So even if January is terrible, it isn’t.

It takes a lot to live the life I want. Coming from me, that probably sounds strange since I constantly complain about my life. If I’m being honest, my life isn’t that bad. It is stressful at times, but overall I’m pretty lucky. Just because things don’t work out when and how I want them doesn’t mean the end of the world.

So call it manifesting, praying, the law of attraction; same difference. It’s putting your intentions into the universe and hoping that something or someone is listening.

Before I put any energy into the universe, I meditate. I want a clear mind before I do anything. For me, it starts with thinking positively. I know that sounds lame, but it helps. Say a few affirmations and give yourself a little love. Positive thinking is soo important for mental health.

And then I question everything. What do I need? What do I need in my life, family, health, and career? What do I want? What do I want for my life? I try to be as transparent with my intentions as possible. I have to be honest about what I am willing to work towards.

After I’ve decided, I write it down. This year I made my first vision board. Usually, I write down bullet points in a journal. I should clarify this is different than the goals I share with you at the beginning of each year. Not by much, but it is different.

This might be unconventional, but I made my vision board online. I didn’t do a super intense collage. I created sections for myself for my family, health, hobbies, and fun. I put influencers and celebrities who I admire. Things I wish would happen throughout this year and in the future.

One of the reasons that not journaling really affected my life and mental state last year was that I could not see the work I put into these goals. You can’t just put it out into the universe or pray about it once and then expect all of your problems to be fixed magically. You have to work towards this.

Some questions I ask myself every month are

  • What am I grateful that God or the Universe has already given me?
  • How am I bettering myself?
  • What efforts am I putting into this goal? What can I do differently?
  • What brings you inner peace? What is it about this person, place, or thing that affects my this way?
  • How have my desires changed over the years?

You have to check in with yourself regularly. I like to check in once a month. Are you being negative? If you are, why? Negative energy doesn’t bring good things. And being negative allows you to miss signs around you. It’s basically self-sabotage.

One time I was looking for a new job. It was taking a while, and I was starting to feel defeated. I remember complaining to everyone about how I needed a new job and more money. When I finally got an interview, I jumped at the chance. The company was sketchy, but I didn’t care; I still went. And even after going to the first interview, they scheduled a second interview. I was still like this is super sketchy, but I was also being negative like this is probably the only thing I’m going to get. After that first interview, I got a call from a different, not sketchy company asking if I wanted to interview. I was being salty about them passing on me the first time I applied, so I turned it down. I returned to the sketchy place, did the second interview, and got the job. It was a pyramid scheme. Self-sabotage is real.

You have to trust your gut and trust the process. You know what is right for you. You know when what you’re doing is good for you as a person. I refuse to believe people are out of touch with their bodies and don’t know what’s happening. The little happy tingles I get when I eat sugar or finish a book are the same ones I get after a good workout.

Now when it comes to being one with the universe and making sure that the one game of MASH you played where you lived in a mansion married to Calum from 5SOS with eight kids comes true, driving a white Bronco. You have to do three things: be realistic, put in work, and trust the process. There’s no time limit on manifesting. Something I wanted and worked toward years ago is coming true now.

Making a dream into reality begins with what you have, not with what you are waiting on.

T.F. Hodge

I’m a little impatient and controlling with just about everything. Sometimes, I don’t notice things happening until it’s too late. Which doesn’t always allow me to show proper gratitude.

My faith is a powerful motivation and guide. I grew up hearing God’s got a plan. Being an adult made me realize that our plans may not always align. I know I want something now, but perhaps I’m not ready for it emotionally, mentally, financially, or physically. I don’t expect to get some prophetical dream that will tell me God’s goal for me. I would love one, but life doesn’t work that way.

So let us take a deep breath and breathe out all our negative thoughts about what the future has in store for us.

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Reading Challenge Of 2023!

This may be a terrible idea. But I will try to read one book a week for the entire year.

The only way I can do this is by planning out all the books I want to read now. I’m more than a little nervous about this. Am I biting off more than I can chew?

I’ve already lost the original instagram post. But it was there, I promise. It was 52 different prompts for books—simple things like an unlikely detective, a cozy mystery, or by an author you’ve never read before.

Now on top of reading 52 books based on prompts outside of my comfort zone, I also have to find a way to incorporate the books I brought on a whim. So I’ve decided to do this and the A-Z challenge combined. This shall be very interesting.

Since I had so many books, I had to make up some of my own prompts. This list is way more than 52 books. I’m going to tell you now I am cheating by using books that start with the word “THE.” 

I’ll do this in a list format. So on top will be the prompt, and under it will be the book I plan on reading.

  • A book on my TBR
    1. A light in the Flame by Jennifer L Armentrout
  • A book that gives you hope
    1. A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
  • A book set in the 1700s
    1. Antoinnette’s Sister by Diana Giovinazzo
  • A book that makes you laugh
    1. Auntie Mame: An Irreverent Escapade by Patrick Dennis
  • A book set in India
    1. Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo
  • A book I’ve been excited to read
    1. Beyond the Wand by Tom Felton
  • A book with a rabbit on the cover
    1. Bunny by Mona Awad
  • An illustrated book
    1. WARNING!!!! This is an NSFW Book. Do not read if you are not an adult. Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark (Free on Kindle Unlimited) 
  • Complete an entire series
    1. Beartown Trilogy by Fredrick Backman
  • A speculative fiction
    1. Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas
  • A book about history
    1. Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe 
  • A cozy mystery
    1. Death by Dumpling by Vivian Chien. (Free on Kindle Unlimited)
  • A book that I was told I would like
    1. Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay
  • An Indigenous author
    1. Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline
  • An Anthology
    1. Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman
  • A Graphic Novel
    1. Fangs by Sarah Andersen
  • An Unlikely detective
    1. Friday the Rabbi Slept Late by Harry Kemelman (Free on Kindle Unlimited)
  • A book with a map
    1. Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan
  • A horror story
    1. Geek Love by Katherine Dunn
  • A debut novel
    1. How I’ll Kill you by Ren DeStefano (Comes out March 21, Still time to order)
  • LGBTQ+ Fiction
    1. Hell Followed with Us by Andrew Joseph White
  • A nonhuman main character
    1. The Humans by Matt Haig
  • A book about a shipwreck
    1. In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick
  • An author I’ve never heard of
    1. Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren
  • A book about a sport
    1. The Knockout by Sajni Patel
  • A book featuring a close friend group
    1. Kate in Waiting by Becky Albertalli
  • The first book of a new series
    1. Liberty or Death (The Soldier Chronicles) by David Cook
  • A book you’ve heard great things about
    1. Lessons by Ian McEwan
  • A bestseller
    1.  Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
  • An author you haven’t read in a while
    1. Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult
  • A book featuring pirates
    1. The Mermaid, The Witch and The Sea by Maggie Tokugawa-Hall
  • A biography of a person I know nothing about
    1. Madam: The Biography of Polly Adler, Icon of the Jazz Age by Debby Applegate
  • A friend’s book recommendation
    1. Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain
  • A second-person narrative
    1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • Give a DNF book a second chance
    1. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
  • An intimidating book
    1. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • A retelling of a classic Disney Story
    1. Prince of Song and Sea by Linsey Miller
  • A nonfiction book on a topic I know nothing about
    1. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain
  • A POC author
    1. Real Life by Brandon Taylor
  • A National Book Award winner
    1. The Rabbit Hutch by Tess Gunty
  • A book with “Adventure” in the title
    1. She: A History of Adventure by H. Rider Haggard
  • A Barnes and Noble exclusive
    1. Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes
  • A book with a tough choice
    1. The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
  • A memoir
    1. Three Pianos by Andrew McMahon
  • Another Memoir
    1. Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci
  • A book about a murder
    1. Under the Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino
  • A book or author everyone is talking about
    1. Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover
  • A book might make me cry
    1. Vincent and Theo: The Van Gogh Brothers by Deborah Heiligman
  • A librarian’s favorite. (I couldn’t find a librarian, so I asked a person who works at B&N)
    1. What My Bones Know by Stephanie Foo
  • A journey of Self
    1. Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • A book published before I was Born
    1. Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • A fantasy novel
    1. Will Do Magic for Small Change by Andrea Hairston
  • A Romance
    1. XOXO by Axie Oh (Free on Kindle Unlimited)
  • A favorite on social media
    1. Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli
  • A Barnes and Noble’s monthly pick
    1. Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson (Free on Kindle Unlimited)
  • A book you’ve already read
    1. Z: a novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler

I’m not going to be super critical about being in alphabetical order, and I hope you aren’t, either. I am as long as I’m reading a book that starts with an A or a book that begins with a B; when it comes to those times, that’s all that matters. I am also not going to force myself to finish books. If the book is a DNF, then it’s a DNF, not my problem.

I would love to see what books you read using the same prompts. I do know that the monthly book club post just got more interesting.

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23 GOALS FOR 2023!

Hello, 2023!!!!!!

It’s a new year and new beginnings!!

I’m excited to set some goals for this year. And yes, there are 23 goals, and this will be my last year doing 20+ goals. Starting next year, 20 will be the max goal I have. 

I wasn’t super excited to have 23 goals this year, but I couldn’t determine which ones to cut from my list. I’m already emotionally attached to all of them. But I am trying to focus mainly on thirteen specific goals; the rest are just things I want to try to do.

You will see a lot of things from previous years on here because these are things I feel I need to work on more. 

Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. 2023 Reading Challenge

On Barnes & Noble’s Instagram, they posted a 52-week book reading challenge. I want to combine that with the alphabetical challenge, which makes it much more complicated, and find a way to read the nine books I purchased when Barnes & Noble’s had 50% off all hardcovers.

2. Practice Mindfulness

I plan to meditate and get in the right headspace a few moments a day. I want to be aware of what I’m doing without being overwhelmed. I aim to step back from my thoughts and watch them and control them rather than them controlling me.

3. Staying Consistent

Whether at work, on this blog, or even with my diet, I want to be consistent. Otherwise, I’ll abandon things without realizing it. I feel like this may become a problem when I’m uninspired or upset about not seeing results, and I need to prepare for that and work around it.

4. Get Back into Journaling

Journaling helps me control my thoughts and emotions; I feel super stressed without journaling. Some days I’m just feeling a lot of things and I don’t always know how to express it.

5. Eliminate One Bad Habit

I have tons of bad habits, and it’s time to break them. I didn’t notice them until they began affecting my daily life. Mostly the overspending, slouching, procrastinating, negative self-talk, overthinking, failing to say no to people, and eating poorly. I’m sure there are more.

6. Write 100 Blogs

I think I can do it. I wrote over 50 blogs last year, so now I believe I can bust out 100 posts. Is this false confidence? Absolutely. But the new year, new me baby, and confidence are where it’s at.

7. Strengthen Relationships

This year I want to be there for the people in my life. Sometimes it feels like I don’t reach out unless it is a holiday or beneficial. And I want people to stay in my life, so I’ll start making the first move.

8. Create a Regular Exercise Routine

I want to end this year being smaller. I don’t need to reach a specific weight point, but I would like to be smaller. And even if not smaller, just more physically fit.

9. Prioritize My Happiness

I love making other people happy, but there comes the point where I also need to make myself happy. I need to acknowledge that it is not selfish to fill myself with joy. Give me what I genuinely want and need emotionally.

10. Speak Better Spanish

Do I speak better Spanish today than at the beginning of 2022? Heck yea, I do, but it’s still very elementary level. I’m nowhere near conversational in my Spanish. And surprisingly, I am better at writing and reading Spanish than I am at speaking it. The goal is to be able to have a conversation.

11. Another No Buy Month

When I had the no-buy month, I felt the most relaxed. No looming worry about where money was going or shock over how much I spent on food. It was a simpler time. Also, it helped control my impulse purchases.

12. Pay Off ALL Debt

My debt isn’t all that bad. I know people with hundreds of thousands in debt. Luckily I don’t have that, but when you live in California and barely make above minimum wage, it is like you’re living paycheck to paycheck, so paying off debt seems to be a little more complicated.

13. Focus On My Business

I announced that I would sell Ice Cream, but I never did. I got cold feet about actually doing something. This year is different; I have plans. I want to have a spot at Smorgasburg, Los Angeles. I want to get a business license. I want to do something with my hands that makes me proud.

14. Sew A Costume

I keep saying I will sew a costume, but I never do. Between the last-minute planning and the mental breakdown about my weight by the time Halloween comes, I don’t even have a costume more often than not. This year is different. I want a costume. I want to be Anastasia from the 1997 cartoon.

15. Reflect On Each Month

I would really like to just get in touch with my feelings and remember what happened each month. What did I learn from each month? What were the high and low points? How can I make the next month better?

16. Spend More Time Outside

I’m never outside, and I hate that. My skin looks pale and even a little sick because I don’t remember the last time I was outside for longer than just walking to or from the car. I mean, I do, but that was back last March. Maybe I’ll try to do the 1000 hours outside challenge.

17. Take a Skill Class

I would love to try something new. I have been thinking about doing a yoga class or an art class. Just something to break up the norm, and you know, on The Sims, every time one of them takes a skill class, they always feel more inspired and focused. So, I’d love for a life that imitates art moment and would like to see if it works in real life.

18. Enforce Boundaries

I have a hard time setting personal boundaries as well as acknowledging others. It is not by choice, but it is something I need to be aware of and respect. I think for myself if I start to

19. Be Tidier

I want to declutter and organize my living space and life. In books, a character’s mental state is represented by their living space. I want a clean mind and a clean home. I plan to spend 25 minutes a week cleaning. This isn’t a lot, but for a person like me who procrastinates and is constantly tired, 5 minutes is more than a lot of time.

20. Have a Family Dinner Once A Month

I want to prioritize being with my family. My family is always doing something, and I never see them.

21. Fix Things I’ve Been Avoiding.

My house needs some TLC, and I’ve been saying I’ll get to it, and then I never do. Mainly because it’s so expensive but also because it’s all things that are for looks and not function. But they need to be done. So no more procrastinating.

22. Save for a car

I know this is always on my list. But this year, I mean it. For the last few years, I didn’t want to drive at all. I was scared to drive, but then I was forced to because I was house-sitting in a completely different city and had to go to work; Uber would have been way too expensive. And now I like driving. I’m still super anxious about it, but I feel better.

23. Volunteer

Last year I made more excuses about not having time to volunteer and once again donated money. It feels like just giving money is a cop-out. It feels like here’s money go away. And that’s not even close to how I think about giving. So I would like actually to do something for my community

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Covid Scare

What’s a holiday without a bit of drama?

It’s a little after 2 am, and I’m stressed.

My boyfriend tested positive for covid—his sisters, with who he lives, tested positive on Monday. They have been quarantined, and he’s had very little to no direct contact with them since Monday. Still, he’s been testing Daily, and every test before today was negative. He takes a test everyday after coming home from work. And after two years of not getting covid he’s positive. I have to get tested.

I feel like crap because I spent the entire day with my friends who have family members with weakened immune systems. A friend in very close contact with my boyfriend has a sick dad. I spent an entire day with my very high-risk pregnant friend this week, and what if I not knowing got her sick?

It’s becoming a spiral train of thought about every person around me, sick or not, and are and if I have been a super spreader without even knowing. It doesn’t help that I’ve been up for over 24hrs and won’t be going to sleep any time soon.

All plans are canceled until future notice. I’m getting a test in the morning, but if I am positive, I will have to stay at a hotel since I live with my uncle, who has a weak immune system.

I hate this.