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Christmas Cards

BLOGMAS Day 15!!!!

At the beginning of the year, I recently reconnected with my family on my dad’s side, so I decided to send them all Christmas cards. I’m behind on sending out my Christmas cards

But I have this fun little idea to make Christmas Crackers out of the card. Now in the UK, they have these super cute little decorations that have jokes or poems or quotes in them with little trinkets. I think they are adorable and are becoming more popular in America.

So I plan on writing my cards like usual with a message about I’m grateful to know the person, but I wanted to add a recipe and some stickers to each gift. And since I’m not sure if everyone knows what a Christmas cracker is, I plan to write a little message explaining it in each card.

“I’m not sure if you are familiar with Christmas crackers; they are popular British decorations with small gifts inside. Unfortunately, we aren’t British, and I’m not there to spend Christmas with you. I hope you enjoy my version of a Christmas cracker.”

I think having some little tuck-in, the card makes it more memorable and fun. No one really gets physical cards, but I love the idea of a physical card.

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