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Hey guys a not spooky life update. I feel like I haven’t updated in a while.

I think the last time I spoke of my lfe was when I was complaining about being sick as how my insurance has been acting a little stupid well nothing has changed. Oh well. It is what it is.

For more important news. I’m so excited to be going to Vegas tomorrow- today? It’s after midnight so today!

I was supposed to go last month but life happened, and I couldn’t afford the trip. I can’t even afford this trip really, but who cares.

I’ve been dying to go to Vegas to visit my family. A few months ago my sister had a baby, a cute little boy. I have yet to meet my little nephew. I just know this kid is gonna grow up spoiled. I brought this little guy so many clothes already.

I’m also really excited to spend time with my mom. I always feel better when I’m with my mom. And lately, I’ve been hating being in California and my mom knows it and has been dropping major hints for me to move back. She even had m look at dog adoptions knowing I want a dog. Will I feel like I never want to leave after I get there? Yeah. It’s always a struggle to leave my mom.

I’m going for a week and aside from seeing the baby, I don’t have a plan. knowing my mom, she probably has a lot of things planned. The chances of us baking or making some random cooking experiment are high so expect a recipe blog. I know I have posted a recipe.

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