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Our Flight is Ready for Departure

Hey guys, I’m Finally home.

Right now, I need sleep and money. Vegas has a way of getting all my money even when I’m not gambling.

I think I spent all my money at the ren faire and trying to get souvenirs for everyone. Both are worth it to me.

I had so much fun being out here, and the ren faire was the highlight of my trip. I will say the faire didn’t have mead. I was disappointed, but a small locally brewed root beer business that serves root beer in glass bottles that you can bring back for refills for the life of the bottle to any and every ren faire they attend made up for it.

The nightlight may have been meeting my nephew. Did I not mention that I may have run into my nephew at the ren faire? Well, I did, and he’s the cutest baby. The only thing I did not like was being such a small baby when he saw boobies; he tried to latch on. Why are babies so strong? What is a 2-month-old baby doing that need a tight grasp?

Of course, I waited until the night before I leave to try to bake and make ice cream and then failed to do both. I tried making my cookie recipe from memory. Do you know what happens when you somewhat remember and are tired? You make cookies with too much butter, flour, sugar, and chocolate chips and too little pumpkin. Instead of fluffy muffin-top cookie hybrids, I got bread-ish cookies. I think I undercooked them.

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