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Tiny Haunted Houses

This has been my favorite spooky craft. Almost everything for this project was from the dollar store.

As a person who loves being crafty but isn’t super creative. This is one of those crafts you can’t mess up.

You Will Need

  • • Any dolls house
  • Spray Paints for the base. Black or white is the best bases
  • Acrylic paints for detailing
  • Mod Podge spray
  • Added Details (dried Spanish moss, popsicles sticks)


This doesn’t really have steps.

Base Layers: Remove all stickers before doing the base layers. Spray paint was used for the base. I like an even coat so we did two layers with the stray paint. Once the base layers were applied spray with a matte mod podge.

Detailing: this is the easy part. It all depends on what you want your house to look like. I recommend you hunt around and see what you can find that might suit your haunted house. I think twigs, spiders, and pumpkins can be fun.

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