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Milk Carton Skulls

As a basic witch who loves getting spooky, I’ve been busy.

Every Halloween my friend has a party for her daughter and her friends and other little kiddos who live in the neighborhood. It’s always super cute and fun and we go all out decorating.

The theme this year is a kid-friendly hell house. We’re going spooky but not too spooky.

I don’t know where my friend gets her ideas from but I love them.

We got a little bit of a headstart on some of the decors since we’re making most of them ourselves.

These milk carton skulls came out amazing. Now they are a little tricky to make.

What you’ll need

  • • 1 skull made of cement or resin (whatever won’t melt)
  • heavy dutyglove
  • heat gun
  • ice water
  • sponge
  • scissors
  • electric hot knife
  • masking tape
  • glue gun with glue


Step 1: Set up your guide skull in a safe place to use a heat gun and hot glue so you don’t accidentally set something on fire or melt something you didn’t mean to.

Step 2: Cut the handle off the jug and position the jug over the Guide skull with the long part over the face.

Step 3: Wear gloves. To begin shaping the jug, set the heat gun on HIGH and begin to sculpt but holding the jug about 3 inches from the plastic until it turns clear. Once clear, you should be able to manipulate and shape it. Using your gloved hands, shape the plastic against the Guide skull and tuck at the cheekbones.

Step 4: Now begin to heat the rest of the plastic again until clear. Then grab your sponge and dip it in ice water. This will cause the jug to mold to the skull’s details. Press it gently into the nose and eyes to deepen them, but be careful not to rip the plastic. The harder you push, the more detailed it will be, but watch out for tears.

Step 5: Trim the excess plastic under the mouth and tuck the remaining plastic to finish the jaw.

Step 6: Now you can cut the back of the skull to get it off the Guide skull. The easiest way to get it off is to draw a line going up the back of the skull, then a wide V on top. This will create the guide for the Y-incision you will have to cut to get the jug off the skull. Heat your hot knife then cut on the Y-incision guide. A box cutter will also work.

Step 7: Pull the mold forward off the skull. Tape the incision from the outside. Use your hot glue gun to seal the incision closed from the inside. Let dry.

You can fill them with LED lights for a cool nighttime look

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