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October Book Club

Fall is in full swing.

If only California had sweater weather. I’m ready to cuddle up with a book and warm tea and enjoy the peace. Instead, I’ll cuddle up with an iced coffee and read.

I Fear My Pain Interests You by Stephanie LaCava is a short novel that follows Margot, the daughter of a famous mother and father. Margot is an aspiring actress but feels the pressure of living in her parent’s footsteps build up, so she leaves her hometown and stays at her friend’s secluded house in a small village. The book focuses on the characters and Margot’s complicated relationships with the people in her life.

I read all my murder mystery books these last two months I needed some drama.

I go into a lot of books blind but I think it allows me to make predictions about the story and analysis the book as I’m reading. These predictions have become helpful when I’m watching a movie or tv because I can infer what’s going to happen in scary movies and makes me less afraid.

My predictions for I Fear My Pain Interest You.

  • At least one Suicide attempt from the main character.
  • A toxic relationship with a male. “savior” character. “I just want the best for you.”
  • A friend will either die or abandon the main character due to the drug abuse and parting
  • I don’t think the main character will grow as a person. For some reason, the book gives me Breakfast of Tiffany’s vibes

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