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Bi Visibility Day!

Happy Bi Visibility Day! I am a bit late with this, which I could pretend is because I’m trying to make the message resound on all days of the year, but it is actually because time ran away with me. I can’t lie to you.

You guys might not know this, but I do identify as bisexual.

You’re Bi? You don’t look, Bi

Sorry, let me just-

Are there t-shirts? Or is it a uniform?

Lack of bi visibility is why I wanted to post this and what being bisexual means to me. I LOVE being bi. It’s the way people often react to bi-ness that I don’t love.

For so long, I believed biphobia was not as severe as homophobia. I know that this belief meant that I spent a lot of effort fighting homophobia (both internalized and external) but not biphobia alongside this. I could not see how these struggles were interconnected as fights against restrictive sexual and gendered norms.

Being bisexual does not require an explanation, nor does how inseparable the intersections of our identities are.

Being bisexual is receiving quizzical looks from everyone who hears you talking about a cute guy moments after you mentioned a past relationship with a woman.

Being bisexual is being made to feel dirty. I cannot stress the importance of proving our sexualities to the rest of the world

Being bisexual is feeling left out from the group because sometimes LGBT feels more like LGbt..

Being bisexual is not transphobic. I’ve met people who dare to say being bisexual doesn’t include trans/nonbinary people in their eyes. I’m sick of that argument!!

Being bisexual doesn’t mean you aren’t monogamous

Being bisexual is pretty damn average, and It’s just a thing. Just like being straight, gay, pan, ace, demi, etc. It’s a thing.

I’m 100% one person and 100% bisexual.

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