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‘Twas the week after Christmas

I hope everyone’s holiday was fun and full of love and surprises.

I know mine was. I can’t even remember everything I got, and I got a lot of stuff. But it was mostly about being together and enjoying my friends and family.

We did gifts a little differently this year. Usually, we all open our gifts all at once and get it over with, but this year we made a hot seat. So everyone took turns sitting in the chair and opening presents, making us feel like kids all over again; we all got to ooh and aah together, and it was nice seeing everyone’s reactions; some of us screamed and cried all out of love.

This year we all tried to outdo each other with super thoughtful gifts, which is so selfishly driven because we all wanted to be crowned Father Christmas. No one won cause we all kind of went about and beyond. And it was worth it.

My friend was gifted a perfume bottle, but it was the scent her mother wore, who passed a few years ago. There was a custom-made vest and tie to match and a dress for my friends who recently lost a lot of weight or for them to redo their wedding photos. We spent almost $300 on magic books for my boyfriend because we knew he wouldn’t buy them for himself. I received a Mini Mouse Kate Spade mini backpack full of Disney merch.

Honestly, I didn’t even look inside all of it, mainly because I was like, why did you spend so much money on me? If you know me, I love Disney, mini bags, and Kate Spade. And they don’t sell any fun bags at the Kate Spade stores near us- which is stupid because most people who shop at Kate Spade are like me, and I want the croissant bag, not one of the leather bags. So they drove to the outlet for me, which is an hour away.

I love the bag, but it’s more that they drove for two hours to get me a specific bag. I screamed when I got it, which was probably their goal.

I wonder what we will do to each other next year.

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