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Ya Like Jazz?

There’s something about rain that makes me so happy.

It’s not raining exactly, just a slight drizzle, but it gives me hope. Hope that the holiday season will feel like winter.

California doesn’t get all the seasons. It’s sunny and hot, then windy, and then around Halloween, the weather gets bipolar. And this year is no different.

Something is soothing about the rain. I want a good book and a cup of tea and to lay on a bed or a comfy couch. I should have done that today, but I spent most of the day listening to jazzy Christmas music and stressing over nothing as I rewrote my story for the millionth time before giving up.

I always love listening to Christmas music because I forget about it, and it feels like I find music all over again. It’s very relaxing. The song Warm in December by Julie London is very easy listening. I’ve heard it a million times, but It always feels new to me when I rediscover it.

And I also found a song, not jazz but it’s new to me. Leslie Odom Jr.’s version of Winter Song. I’ve only ever heard the original version.

I really like the lyrics:

“December never felt so wrong,
'Cause you're not where you belong;
Inside my arms.”

I wish it were cold enough for me to keep someone warm in December. I’d love to live somewhere where it snows. I don’t particularly do well in cold weather, but I think it must be nice. I’d love to take a sleigh ride or a horse-drawn carriage.

Is it raining near you? Are you being harassed by the snowfalls I’m dreaming of?

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