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Happy September 1st

I’ve been gone for a while, I know. Trust me; it wasn’t the intention. I did, in my absence, make a new YouTube video explaining my troubles with my health. Hopefully, you guys will watch it. But that’s not the point of today’s post.

It’s September 1st. It’s time to go back to Hogwarts.

Now the kiddos in my life have started returning to school for the last two weeks. It’s crazy how time flies. I couldn’t believe it when my little nieces and nephews told me what grades they were going to. I was like, stop getting bigger because I swear you’re starting like 1st grade, not the 5th.

Honestly, now that my sister just had her baby, I know that when that little guy goes to kindergarten, I’m going to be like, where did the time go? These kids grow up so fast.

This year preparing for going back to school was a little easier. Everyone knew what they wanted. Paw patrol for the kindergarten, plain for the 5th grader. What was the saddest thing ever was that my niece outgrew wanting to have cartoons on her backpack. What type of 3rd grader doesn’t want a cartoon bag?

I was shocked mainly because I’m an adult who still has cartoon backpacks. Loungefly is probably somewhere doing an evil laugh as they come up with the following concept to release that will make Disney adults rush to buy.

I mean, I only have the auntie experience when it comes to getting the kids ready, but I try to be there the first day of school or the day before. This year I missed the first week of school for everyone since I wasn’t feeling great.

Side note, someone asked me why I always say going back to Hogwarts for my back-to-school post, and I was like, well, I always post on September 1st, and the only other thing I know is Heathers, and I don’t think that’s appropriate.

In all honesty, both schools kind of suck. Hogwarts had an entire war, and Westerberg had an extreme case of students dying.

But only for today can we return to Westerberg High School.

It’s a beautiful frickin’ day!

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