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Blogmas Day 26: 2021 Prep.

Blogmas: bonus day!

What’s this another post? Just like the rest of you I wasn’t expecting a post today either.

Happy Boxing Day!

I recently learned that my mom lied and Boxing Day is not a day to clean up and box up old things. It was probably a ploy she cleverly used to get us to clean the house.

Yea I’m an idiot for still believing it as an adult but tell me it doesn’t make sense to clean before the new year. To start fresh. It makes more sense than spring cleaning.

2020 is just about over. I want 2021 to get off to the best start possible. But also I’m nervous about what 2021 will bring. Or maybe more accurately what will I bring into 2021.

Things I plan to leave in 2020 are:

  • Unrealistic Expectations. It’s not a secret that I don’t think highly of myself. It was only recently when I started to think of my self worth. It’s kind of the reason I started this blog. My standards for myself kept growing and I never saw any improvement in myself. It wasn’t just what I did wasn’t enough but I wasn’t enough. even now I still don’t feel like I am enough. But I’m working on setting realistic expectations.
  • Bitterness and Resentment. I lost a few friends this year. People who were takers attached to me. It felt like they would drain me but didn’t add anything to me. I plan to learn to let go. When you don’t know how to forgive and let things go hurt turns into bitterness and resentment. I don’t want carry feelings of resentment into my new season. If I want to move forward and not backward, I have to release what hurt me.
  • Failure mindset. Things didn’t go as planned in 2020. Failure is not permanent. I can’t continue to let uncomfortable change, failure and disappointment control my life. Normally when things turn bad I become pessimistic. I tell myself all I’ll ever do is fail.

How I’m preparing for 2021.

  • Reflecting on 2020. What did I do right? – Wrong?
  • Clean my room. I’m so used to cleaning before the new year starts.
  • Make goals. I want goals that are manageable and realistic. Goals I can actually accomplish.
  • Make a vision board. I plan to map out my 2021 plans. I want to be a powerful manifestor.

Side note! I brought myself a advent Calendar today because there are also 25 days between Dec. 26 and Jan. 20, I plan to countdown to inauguration day 2021.

Let’s use the remaining days of 2020 to prep for a FANTASTIC 2021!

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