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Holiday Cards

I’m so excited to share this post!! 

Day 4 of Blogmas 2020 is all about Christmas cards!

In my grandma’s house during December, her Christmas card wall used to get filled up. More and more people are switching to social media or electronic greetings; she’s been getting fewer cards. 

It’s safe to say that Christmas cards have always been a huge part of my Christmases, and I don’t want that to end. 

I love to send and receive cards myself. I treasure all the photos and newsletters that come with them.

This year I’ve decided to send out cards to my friends and family, including you, my internet family. 

Maybe it’s me finally living out my hallmark main character fantasy, or perhaps I still find something exceptional about the sentiment of sending holiday greeting cards in the mail. I want to send cards so people know they matter to me, and I sincerely wish them a merry holiday season. I’m always thinking of them even when I seem distant. 

Message me an address you feel safe to receive mail before the 10th, and ill be more than happy to send one to you. 

I seriously LOVE the holidays and can’t think of a better way to celebrate with you.

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