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Handle Holiday Stress

Day 12 of Blogmas 2020!

My coworker, for the longest, was definitely not on board with my festive happy optimism. She went through a breakup during quarantine. She’s so much happier now and better off without him. But I think my coworker started to get into a funk for a while when she realized that she would be alone this Christmas.

Up until Friday, she was not even putting up a tree for Christmas. She actually really enjoys the holidays. She’s still not on my decked out in DIY holiday earrings level, but now I’ll catch her singing “Fa la la la la.” It still counts even with her eyes rolled.  

So we discussed her celebrating the transition and appreciating the individuality of this particular season. 

  1. Try to see things through a positive lens. Think of all of the good things that could. Just around the corner could be something better than expected. The future is a surprise gift, just waiting for you to open.
  2. Remember to respond, not react. Things don’t always go our way, and hiccups are bound to happen. Getting upset and anxious about it and reacting doesn’t help anyone. Some things are just out of our hands, and we have to trust and believe that they will work out. It’s called faith!
  3. When the memories begin to flood your mind, and the ache in your heart gets very real because you will miss your current life. Do your best to remember the fantastic lessons you have learned since your last big transition.
  4. Embrace the change. Change excites me. However, the transition part isn’t always the most fun. It is uncomfortable and sometimes ugly … that is… if you allow it to be. Find ways to have fun along the way. Laugh and make new memories!
  5. BE FLEXIBLE. A very self-explanatory and elementary concept, but it’s VITAL to decking the hallway!
  6. Let things go. Some things work wonderfully in your current season that won’t work in the new season. Don’t try to hang on … If you lose a bunch of weight, you’re old clothes don’t fit anymore, right? Something is freeing about entering into a new season and starting fresh.
  7. Remember to maintain an attitude of gratitude. If you’re thankful, it’s tough to be upset. Be grateful for what you have, for what you have experienced, and where you are going. Be grateful for the people in your life.

If you’re not in a season of change or transition right now, you will be at some point. It’s inevitable. Just remember to enjoy the process.

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