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Christmas Time Essentials

Hello lovely people! Back at it with day 11 of Blogmas 2020!

Today I will be sharing with you some of my MUST-HAVES for the holiday season! There are so many wonderful things that make this season magical!

  • Christmas sweater or oversized sweater (Goodwill is the jackpot)
  • Hot cocoa packets 
  • Holiday/winter scented candle. (Michaels has the best candles and the best deals. I got 3 for 9.99.)
  • Christmas mug (you can get this at Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, literally anywhere)
  • Cookie butter flavored coffee creamer. (Usually, I’m all about the eggnog or peppermint flavors, but my coworker brought in cookie butter, and this is my life now.)
  • Fuzzy Christmas socks/ cabin socks
  • Wrapping paper, ribbon, and LOTS of tape.
  • Cookie dough (before you say anything its safe to eat it raw, now)
  • Lights, tinsel, ornaments, decor
  • Christmas playlist 
  • A maroon, red, dark lipstick
  • Recipes for yummy food
  • Christmas movie collection
  • Candy canes! Do people still put candy canes on the tree, or is that just me?
  • PEOPLE!!!! (need I explain?)
  • Christmas Time Bucket List… you should check that post if you haven’t already.
  • Festive nail polish colors
  • Christmas PJs.
  • Warm snuggly blanket

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