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Hey, everyone! Back at it with Blogmas Day 2! 

Today’s Blogmas post is a discussion post!

To Chrismas-fy this blog, I thought it could be fun to talk about Real Christmas Trees vs. Fake Christmas Trees.

Of course, I decided this today after putting up my own tree. 

I should start by saying it’s a fake tree that is probably as old as I am, and half of the lights are burnt out, kinda like me. When we throw a bunch of other lights and ornaments on top, you can’t tell that there’s a problem with it. It’s a good tree. I’ve always been partial to fake trees. 

I grew up with fake trees, and I remember longing for a real tree. And never wanting one again after actually getting one. My dad felt that if we were going to get a real tree, we’d do it right. he went all out and took us to an honest to goodness Christmas tree farm. Where we had to cut down our own tree. I was a kid, so I didn’t do it but still no thanks. We spent so long trying to decide on a tree.

As a kid, I’ll never forget the guy who worked there saying he would shake the tree for bugs and for us to shake it again before we took it in the house. My fake trees never had to be shaken for bugs. 

I want to change my mind about real trees. I want to have kids and have them have a real tree growing up. But for now, I’ll continue to think of real trees are sticky and smelly and messy.

 It’s just a lot of work for something you only keep in your house for a month. Whereas a fake tree will probably last you five years and takes less than 30 minutes to put together. 

That’s it for this Blogmas post! 

Do you prefer real or fake trees? Comment below!

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