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DIY Macrame Christmas Tree

Day 5 of Blogmas 2020 is here. Looks like it’ll be a very crafty Christmas indeed!

I’ve wanted to make my own ornaments for a while, and all the DIY ornaments I  look the same and boring. 

I wanted something, not a dangling bauble. Luckily a friend of mine made her own ornaments.

It’s a macrame Christmas tree. I LOVE IT!!

Maybe it’s the simplicity and homemade nature, or perhaps it’s the combination of textures and simple color. Still, whatever it is, I am happier with this particular ornament than I have been with any previous decoration I have tried. 

I should have written down the steps as she was teaching me, but of course, I swore I’d remember how to do it. 

If you have extra time and want to start from the very beginning, be sure to watch the short video I attached below. It was the closest to how my friend taught me how to make it. This is how these cute and creative ornaments were born. 

I also attached the link to the macrame cord she uses. 

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