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Santa Claws is coming to town.

I’m sorry I’m a little late with this post. I wasn’t even sure I was going to post.

I feel like I’ve been very bipolar this past week. One day I’m like super stressed out and hating Christmas, then the next, I’m like, you guys, I saw a puppy in a Santa hat, and now I can’t stop crying.

I plan to try to stay positive even when I’m stressed this holiday. The last thing I want to be is a scrooge.

I have a couple of ideas for just small gifts that mean a lot but don’t cost a lot that I plan on doing.

The only one I know that I can pull off before Christmas is taking a festive photo shoot of my cousin’s cats.

I’m currently cat-sitting, so it kind of feels like I’m cheating because I plan to do a photo shoot and put their pictures on the wall and see if my cousin notices.They are the most photogenic cats I’ve ever seen.

They are cute and cuddly, at least today they were. They seem to be loving on me for some reason. Last time they were little demons; my arms and legs were covered in scratches. So I’ll take all the cuddles and purrs they give me.

It sucks that I can’t give them the proper affection because I’m allergic to them. Well, it’s not an allergy but more of a sensitivity. It takes a few hours of being immersed in cat hair before I start getting hives and sneezing. Nothing a Benadryl can’t fix.

I have a few inspo pics that I would like to recreate. I know from working with these cats before most things never go according to plan. These cats make me work for my photos. But I think they like it when I record them. Every picture and TikTok I’ve ever made of them wasn’t too hard to make.

Wish me luck. I’ll definitely post the pictures.

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