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Health Update

So an update on the whole Covid thing and everything else happening in my life.

I’m fine. I don’t have Covid.

But my body is falling apart. A few days ago, I fell, and I am very clumsy, so I didn’t think anything of it. For some reason Friday, my ankle and my knee started swelling. My foot got so swollen I had to remove my shoe. And the swelling went all the way up my leg. The doctor said it was a sprained ankle and gave me a brace and pain meds.

I arrived at the urgent care at noon and wasn’t seen until 6 pm to be told in 20 minutes it was a sprain and to take some ibuprofen. But why would my knee be swelling if it is just a sprained ankle? I was pissed and I demanded to get an X-ray of my knee. Hopefully, we will get some answers soon.

The thing is, I hate Going to the hospital. I won’t go to the hospital if I don’t have to. Sometimes it seems like I need serious help, and the doctors refuse to do anything because I’m overweight. One of the first responses I got when I showed the doctor my swollen foot was, “Well. Yesterday was thanksgiving. Did you have too much salt?” and “Well, looking at your chart, I did notice that you’re overweight, and being overweight can cause harm to your body over time.”

I’m overweight. Every time I go to the doctor, I’m reminded of that fact. As if my clothes and my partner’s arm don’t fit around me, the way they used isn’t enough. My health could be better, but being overweight has more to do with the fact I don’t work out as much as I should, and I eat maybe two meals a day. My calories come from coffee, and since I make it at home, I know it has fewer calories than when I used to drink Starbucks daily.

I wish doctors would stop blaming my period and weight for everything wrong with me. I had to visit the three different doctors times before I was told I had vertigo. The first two doctors said my being sick and nauseous was me being pregnant and after multiple negative pregnancy test they blames my period. So what would have happened now if I didn’t ask for X-rays? Would they have completely ignored my knee swelling? Would I have had to visit multiple doctors again? What if it wasn’t found until it was too late?

Being fat shouldn’t be an excuse to not get proper care. I’m trying to lose weight, but it just feels like life gets in the way, and I have no energy to pull myself out of bed some days.

My leg in knee brace and an ankle splint.

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