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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Halloween being on a Monday isn’t fair to the kiddos. We got only a handful of trick-or-treaters.

I’m sure most people celebrate during the weekend. I know I did. We had my niece’s Halloween party on Saturday. I made cupcakes, and guys, I made fake edible blood for the first time, and it came out so dark, but the kids didn’t even notice; they just saw sugar.

We made the whole event look super spooky, and I thought the kids would be scared, but nothing scares kids nowadays.

The theme was the living dead. We had our beautiful crispy toxic waste victim Scully (named after x-files), flying ghosties and other little skeletons scattered around. The kids loved it.

If you guys haven’t seen my Instagram, I was Velma from Scooby Doo, and I thought I looked super cute. But six different kids asked me what I was dressed as. So now I feel old. While we’re on the topic, a Velma show is coming out soon. I heard there wouldn’t be a Scooby Doo in the show. So I don’t think I want to watch it. Like it’s called Scooby Doo. How do you make a show without the main character?

I just realized it’s midnight. Happy Day of the dead.

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