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It’s All Write

I recently got the idea to restart my book. I started working on this story a year ago. It was a sketchy concept; there wasn’t a story. And recently picked up the story and began to play with it, and some of it clicked.

I’m obsessed with this story right now. I haven’t been this obsessed with any of my writing projects in a while.

I originally wanted to wait for NaNoWriMo. But If I waited, I would overthink and outline it to death. I would kill this story before it even began.

In the past year, the only thing I have I have is a very rough outline. I’m trying to blend some things and make them into something more legible.

The story is still relatively underdeveloped. But I’m just going to jump right into this.

I would love to write in chronological order. But let’s be honest, that probably won’t happen.

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