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I want to be a mushroom person!


Is it too soon to start complaining about missing faire season?

My first time at a Ren Faire was quite an experience. Jousting, knife throwing, costumes, and themes galore! The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, California, did not disappoint. Even trying to describe it now, I’m still overwhelmed.

Entering the fair itself was a little surreal. We had women “selling” eggs, lavender, and meat before getting into the gates. I was honestly getting swept up in the experience. It felt like stepping into a different world, full of wonder and magic.

Due to covid, some things were a little different, but I’ve never been to a faire before, so I don’t know how different this year was. The only thing I knew for sure was there weren’t any maidens moaning while I drank my mead.

There was a puppet stand with dragons, and you could buy a dragon egg which we had to take to a hatchery to find which dragon we could take home. I would never have guessed yelling crack that egg to one of those little plastic eggs as it rolled down a ramp would be fun.

We ordered medallions made in front of us with a drop hammer mint. We encouraged workers with “great strike, my lord!” not going to lie. Trying to talk with the vocabulary of the faire was difficult at first. The more relaxed and let myself fall into, the easier it became.

There were so many stages and shows I didn’t get to see nearly as much as I wanted. The belly dancing, sword swallowing, and the whips were my favorite. I loved seeing the washing women who wet us, it was a hot day and a little bit of water splashed at me felt amazing.

I was glad I got myself a costume, but my outfit was plain to some of the costumes I saw. Next year I will not be a timid little elf maiden. I will wear a mushroom hat and a corset that fits me well. Or I will find a dress that shapes my body better.

I saw so many girlies in mushroom hats and different costumes that I really want to make my own hat now!

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