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These are a few of my favorite things

Well, now, when anything
bothers me and I’m feeling unhappy,
I just try and think of nice things.

I always love the thunder scene before Julie Andrew actually sings my favorite things.

Usually, people share their favorite products of the year. And at first, I was going to. Being an avid shopper, I realized this year I didn’t really buy many cool things that I would love to show off.

Instead, I wish to share my favorite moments of the year.

Because I had an outstanding year. I’m not going to let today, this week, or this month, no matter how bad it gets, take away from all the good that has happened this year.

I love my friends and family and all of you readers for keeping my spirits lifted when things seem down. Please enjoy these random moments of my 2021.

immersive van gogh exhibit
tough mudder 2021
voltaire concert
terrain race 2021- finish line
terrain race 2021- 8am pre race

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