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Happy thanksgiving

That feels so awkward to type because it feels like this month started a week ago. We have 37 days left of this year, and hopefully, they move at the same warp speed as November.

My ideal Thanksgiving is staying in bed having a marathon of The Twilight Zone while eating an entire family-sized turkey dinner pot pie from The Pie Bar. 

My actual day was unnecessarily complicated. I had to work. And working any job on a holiday is ridiculous. I know it is asking for too much but please don’t make Thanksgiving a cluster-pluck for people who are working.

After spending today alone and at work, I’m anticipating Christmas now. I don’t know why I am considering I’m most likely going to be working.

Usually I can’t wait to make or bring something for my family to not appreciate it. This year I’m sure whatever I make or bring will actually be appreciated since Ill be spending it with my boyfriend’s family. I’m slightly grateful I’m not making tamales this year. Maybe it’s because I know they are never as good as my mom’s. I would have loved to be with my mom today.

But on a serious note. I know these past two years (Almost two years?), the holidays have been different and awkward. So many traditions we had to break due to the pandemic last year and this year they didn’t feel right without my grandmother. I know many people who spent today alone because they couldn’t visit their families. And millions of others like my family, who couldn’t help but reminisce about the missing people from our table. As much as I would have loved for them to walk in the door and sit at our table, I know they are now in a better place.

I know the past 18 months have sucked; honestly, I can list many not-so-great things that happened in this week alone, but the year is almost over, and we should still be grateful for making it this long.

If I’ve learned anything in the past few years is to be thankful for the not-so-great things that happen. When you roll with the punches, you can look back and realize they bring you to where you are now and lead to better things.

I hope you had the best day and stayed safe.

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