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Go big or gourd home.

Halloween is over, and apparently, so is pumpkin spice. The stores are selling everything peppermint flavored.

It makes no sense as we still have thanksgiving. I can’t complain. The pumpkin spice trend started in August this year.

None the less I love pumpkin spice. And I’m always trying to get my brother and boyfriend to try pumpkin spice flavored things with me and they typically refuse. I always feel like I am SpongeBob trying to force Squidward to leave a Krabby patty.

So here are some of my favorite and not-so-favoristic pumpkin spice things I tried this year.

My absolute favorite every year to the end of time is the pumpkin spice chia late. I don’t care where I get it from, and I just wish I could have it all day, every day. And while I’m sad to see it go, that means the Dunkin Donuts pink velvet macchiato is closer every day. 

Trader Joe’s knows how to make my basic witch sense tingle, and they had me by the throat this year.

First, with their pumpkin spice espresso beans, and those were addicting. 

Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake and waffle mix, I added walnuts and banana on top, and they were terrific. Thank you to whoever recommended adding nuts to the cookie recipe. I didn’t do it to the cookies, but I figured this was the next best thing. 

The drunken pumpkin cutie pie jar from The Pie Bar in downtown Long Beach is another favorite. Also, their smores jar and their sweet potato pie slice. And on a not-sweet topic, they make this turkey dinner pot pie. Layers and layers of goodness. Mashed potato at the bottom, turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce all under a flaky buttery crust. Everything out of there is worth a try.

And now to the disappointment. 

I should start by saying I’m not much of a drinker, but I enjoy the occasional drink. And those drinks are typically seltzers. So I was really excited for the BUD LIGHT SELTZER FALL FLANNEL PACK. 

Now, this was so good and so bad at the same time. I absolutely love the pear maple seltzer. Also, why is Bud Light the only brand to recognize pear as a fall fruit? The toasted marshmallow was alright. But the pumpkin spice hurt my soul. It was just so wrong. The crisp apple flavor I’ve had before, and it was in the ugly Christmas sweater pack. It didn’t disappoint; it was apple-solutely amazing.

And while the stores may be over the pumpkin spice life, I’m not expecting my pumpkin pastie recipe soon.

What was your favorite pumpkin spice-flavored things this year?

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