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What the hell is a hufflepuff?

It’s September 1st!!! It’s time to return to Hogwarts!!

🎶 I’m sick of summer and this waiting around
Man, it’s September so I’m skippin’ this town
Hey, it’s no mystery
There’s nothing here for me now

I gotta get back to Hogwarts
I gotta get back to school
I gotta get myself to Hogwarts
Where everyone thinks I’m cool 🎶

If you know, you know.

I know that outside it has been a gazillion degrees everyday this past week but summer is over the second the kiddos go back to school, which was mid-August for my family. I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things like Autumn.

Something about fall always reminds me of Harry Potter. Maybe it’s because most of the books take place during the school year and always mention Halloween. Or, you know, the whole dark academia vibe. Pumpkin juice, as a basic white girl, translates in my mind as pumpkin spice. Just all the food from Harry Potter gives fall vibes. I need a house elf to make steak and kidney pie, treacle tart and pumpkin pasties for me.

It’s time to bring out my fall decor and any Halloween decorations that have survived the years. Most of my fall decor is subtle harry potter inspired things that no one notices until I point it out.

I need the weather to cool so I can have reread Prisoner of Azkaban while drinking a nice hot glass of butterbeer. I found a recipe back when I was a kid that, to this day, I still drink. It’s one of the reasons I refuse to try butterbeer at universal studios. I don’t want my “perfect” recipe to be tarnished by not tasting how it’s supposed to.

And I know everyone, and their mother has their version of Harry Potter-inspired desserts, but over the next few months, I’ll be sharing my recipes.

Most of the recipes are inspired by the trolley.

Does Harry buying everything on the trolley bother anyone else or just me? I’m sure the trolley magically refills, but still, that little shit just brought the entire trolley.

Side note.

I love Harry Potter, but I disagree with the beliefs of J.K. Rowling. I know that I can’t wholly cut Harry Potter out of my life. Harry Potter has been such a formative part of my life for almost fifteen years. It’s given me community, countless happy memories, and a safe landing place to return whenever life feels like too much. To me, the Harry Potter world has been a comfort, an inspiration, a home.

I hate that J.K. Rowling has tarnished my love for this series, but I hate even more that she’s using her platform to spread disgusting ideas that hurt people who have grown up looking up to her and her characters. So I completely understand why so many people feel like they have to turn their backs on Harry Potter for good.

I have learned to separate the art from its creator and enjoy Harry Potter without supporting her in any way.

I don’t give J.K. Rowling any money. The majority of my Potter decor is either DIY or purchased from small businesses.

The only Albus Dumbledore I respect

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