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Love Letters

 I love love. I always wanted someone to text me, bring me my favorite food on my bad days, take me on creative dates, and enjoy life with me. Here I am with this fantastic partner, and while this should and could be another long love letter to my partner. It’s not.

Recently, I started thinking about when I was single. 

 More specifically, when I decided to write to my maybe someday person. I wished life was a novel, so I could write a cute meet story and stop feeling bad for myself. But this is not Stranger Than Fiction. 

I can’t tell if writing these letters is a good or bad idea. To old me, it sounded romantic. To see my heart before we ever met. Something out of a Jane Austen novel. In reality, they are probably going to be pathetic.

 I was initially going to open up some of them and post them here since I overshare everything else. But even now, I like the idea that only me and my future spouse will have been the ones to see them. If I’m honest, these letters will probably get lost or thrown away before I ever open them. Or maybe it will just be me, and I’ll read them to my dog. For a while my future beginning to look more and more like the Saturday Night Live skit- Joan Song.

I wrote these letters as if talking to my best friend. It’s not about having the right words, romantic thoughts. This is not the perfect love letter. I wrote about simple struggles, day-to-day life, and my passions. Giving them a glimpse of my life before them. My significant other may enjoy seeing this character, but I would like to see the old me. I doubt my ideas and beliefs in some things are going to stay the same. It’s raw emotion and a true representation of who I am. Actually, I might start writing these letters again.

I am not saying this is for you. 

But if you want to try using this creative outlet to pour out your heart in a healthy way, give it a try. 

Need some ideas of what to write to get you started? Here are 20 prompts!

  1. Why I wish he was already in my life.
  2. Why I have hope that God will bring my soulmate.
  3. My biggest current struggle.
  4. Why I’m content with waiting for him.
  5. What I want my future spouse to know about my present self.
  6. How I’m preparing for marriage.
  7. My dreams about my wedding day.
  8. What romance looks like to me.
  9. My challenges with love.
  10. What do I find rewarding about love?
  11. What does the term family mean to me?
  12. Why is it so hard for me to ask for help when I need it?
  13. How my childhood impacted my future relationships.
  14. What I am too proud to ask for in a relationship.
  15. What a healthy relationship looks like to me.
  16. What relationship habits do I want to develop?
  17.  What qualities do I believe are most important in a spouse/partner/friend?
  18. What does good communication look like to me?
  19. Do I hold onto a grudge? Why or why not?
  20. Describe the last piece of advice I received that was meaningful.

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