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Grandma’s hands

This last week or so hasn’t been the greatest for me. I struggled with whether or not I should even talk about it here but ultimately decided it was too important to me not to mention. So here it goes…

Last weekend, my grandma died.

Even writing these words now, I have a hard time believing my grandma is gone. And this loss has hit me pretty hard. We were very close. I don’t really even know what else I can say, except for this…

We lived together this last year when I was her caregiver; I got to hear the stories and see what an independent woman my grandmother was. She was incredible and a groundbreaker. She created a life for herself by herself, and that is something I admire.

My grandma, Grandma Flo to so many; was a force of nature, a hurricane of a woman whose love, tenacity, courage, and determination touched every part of every life she came into contact with:
As a Foster Mother,
As a Nurse,
As a Girl Scout Troop Leader,
As a Probation Officer,
As a Neighbor,
As a Friend,
As a Caretaker,
As a Sister,
As a Mother,
As a Wife,
As a Grandmother,
As Flo Warren.

I know that so many have heard me tell the tale of the wild antics, hilarious stories, or touching moments that she and I have shared.
I’m so happy for all the memories that I have of her but sad that there won’t be any more. Even in her death, my grandmother helped me be a encourager.

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