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The Places I go to see Christmas Lights

Just a few days to Christmas

My holiday spirit was a little crushed when I learned I would be working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My family celebrates on the 24th, which is common for most Hispanics. So working Christmas Eve at first really hurt me. Also because normally by this time of the year I have made my own ornaments, made champurrado, started getting the things to help make tamales and preparing for the new year because of work I’m missing it.

I always wanted my life to be like a hallmark or lifetime movie. And while I am currently the overworked woman with a full time job that seems constantly to take away time spent with family, where is my knight in shining armor to help me remember what I’m missing? Because it seems to me my job is also getting in the way of my relationship. I no longer have a comfortable work-life balance. 

I’ve been trying to not be a Grinch and actually my friends helped me with that. My friend gifted me with homemade ornaments. Not only are they handmade ornaments, they are Harry Potter themed. She painted the Hufflepuff crest for me. I can’t begin to explain how much I love it.

I’m still super upset I won’t be going to see Christmas lights with the family. 

So I decided to share with you some of my absolutely favorite places to go look at lights. And all the places I missed this year. 

The Newport Beach Boat Parade

This year’s theme was “Jingle On the Waves.” I always like going on opening day. They have live entertainment, people put up booths and sell random items. It’s always fun and festive. I was super excited to hear the parade was back. I would have loved to go last year but it was canceled. I think some people still showed up but I didn’t risk it. 

Enchanted: Forest of Lights

Descanso Gardens are absolutely beautiful in the daytime. But at night, with what feels like a thousand lights it is simply magical. They are sold out until the 23 and are closed the 24th and 25th. I’ll be getting tickets for January. 

Candy Cane Lane in El Segundo

It’s a cul de sac where the majority of the houses have their Christmas lights. It’s so cute. You can either drive down or walk. I prefer to walk so I can take pictures. Before the pandemic people used to sell hot chocolate,popcorn and other treats in front of their houses. There was one house that sold these warm nuts that were covered in sweet stuff. I wanna say they were almonds or pecans but I don’t remember. 

Naples Canal christmas lights 

Along the Naples Canal there are houses and they are all decorated. It’s actually near where the Newport Beach boat parade is. That’s how I found out about it two years ago but I haven’t been back since. I recommend going on a weekday when it’s less crowded. It’s so relaxing but it gets really cold because you’re right by the water.

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