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I Don’t Know What I’m Booing

I am still trying to get in the spirit of spooktober and all things Halloween. I needed ideas to decorate because I feel like a spooktacular failure for not having any new fall decor and recipes.

I feel like, realistically, we all want to be able to celebrate Halloween and be spooky. Still, life is too busy to decorate and do everything. With social media nowadays, people make it seem like we have to go all out with decorating and make the rest of us who don’t have the time or money feel bad for not having their aesthetic. I spent a lot of money throughout the years and didn’t use half of my Halloween decor.

Usually, my boyfriend and I always try to do something to at least be able to say we did something, but we mostly make plans for Halloween. 

I feel like drive-in theaters would be a go-to for fall because the weather gets colder, just having a fave flannel and a coffee from Starbucks. Last year we didn’t get to go to a pumpkin patch, which was a little disappointing. Every grocery store has pumpkins; despite how costly they are, at least we would be able to decorate for Halloween. 

Suppose you just want to experience a fall vibe without actually going out. Try going to Barnes & Noble. Do I even have to mention how books and a hot tea give you a fall feel?

Don’t sleep on Dollar Tree. They are a must for those who can’t afford all the Pinterest and Instagram fall decor because they’re inexpensive, so bless them. I also love thrift shopping, mostly in fall time; something about doing that is fantastic around this time.

Even popping a bottle and lighting candles, watching scary movies, or listening to dark academia music, you’ll feel like the main character who does it because, hello, you are one.

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  1. The problem I have with how Halloween has developed over the years is that it is such a BIG holiday now! When I was a kid, we had a parade at school, then dressed up and went trick-or-treating in the evening for candy, and that was it. Now, everyone is hosting themed parties, and there are tons of extra activities that seem to (for me) add stress to what should be just a fun, no-stress holiday. I long to simplify this holiday. It should just be about fun dress-ups and candy.

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