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Painting Pumpkins

Does anyone else go to target and leave with things they don’t need? No? Just me?

I was just casually strolling around target when I found these super cute paint-your-own pumpkins.

Of course, I had to buy these. I brought some for the kiddos and some for the adults, and we all just had a pumpkin painting day, and honestly, I love lazy days like this.

The whole time we were painting I kept thing of the song from Alice in wonderland, painting the roses red.

I stole my pumpkin idea from Pinterest.

You guys may not know this but, I absolutely love anything Frankenstein. Like anything Frankenstein or Bride of Frankenstein I’ll buy it. The Frankenstein storyline was one of the reasons I watched Penny Dreadful. And how underrated was the original show!?!

Time for the big reveal. Drum roll please….

For a little more Frankenstein love here’s my favorite snl clip. I just realized this is 7 years old I remember watching this when it aired.

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