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Countdown to Christmas

Day 23 of Blogmas.

I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. Christmas is in 1 day, and I’m still not ready.

Last night instead of posting, I was too busy getting lit. My friends and I had an ugly Christmas sweater party. I seriously lack photos because the night was soo fun that I didn’t really stop to grab my phone or a good camera to take a picture of our whole group.

We kept the party small due to COVID. But with the right people, you couldn’t even tell it was just the 7 of us.

We were too busy eating and talking and just having a good time together. Honestly I love having dinner parties. More importantly I love having potlucks. Because our menu was fire! Adobo chicken, Jamaican curry goat, some amazing cauliflower mac n cheese- I literally had to find a copycat recipe for that.

I’m glad everyone else contributed to the actual meal because all I made was dessert and brought alcohol.

But we didn’t really care about who brought what. We cared about being together.

Especially once we started playing little games. The holiday bingo and word unscramble were definitely fun. But pin the Santa hat on Baby Yoda was the highlight of the night.

I know, we’re nerds!

Last night was so fun, but today was work.

All-day was dedicated to cooking Christmas dinner…or I guess Christmas Eve Dinner technically. My family is a little weird; we don’t celebrate on Christmas Day. We celebrate at midnight on Christmas Eve.

I absolutely loved making tamales with my boyfriend’s family. We put on Christmas movies and got to work.

I loved how the whole family was involved. Growing up, it was always just my mom making tamales and me. And the last few years, it’s been me by myself.

But not today! We had an assembly line, and everyone had to work.

It started with Nena putting the masa on the corn husk and the banana leaves. Her telling us what to do.

It was weird that we had a bunch of “addings,” as my niece calls them. We added potatoes, green olives, and jalapeños with carrots to them. Something I’ve never done before, but it’s delicious.

I started counting, but after 145, I gave up. We’re still steaming 3 pots of tamales as I type this.

Look at this picture my boyfriend got of the pupper.

After we finished assembly the tamales, we started on dessert.

Apparently, we don’t do anything small in this house because we made cookies on cookies on cookies. Almost 200 cookies. I’m gonna be Oprah.

You get cookies! And you get cookies! Everyone gets cookies!!!

I can’t wait until tomorrow to eat everything and to open presents.

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