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June 1st

Someone told me today is June 1st. But they May be wrong.

Happy Pride month my lovelies. I will be posting more on Pride throughout the month.

I hope this month ends with a bang because its started off pretty poorly.

I think I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I rent a house with my sister, her boyfriend, and my brother. The house was originally my uncle’s house, so we pay very little rent, which is excellent because rent in California is ridiculous. Even though my uncle doesn’t live in the house, he still has a room; my brother has the second and my sister in the last room. Meanwhile, I’ve been sleeping on the broken-down couch in the living room.

My cousin (my uncle’s son) has now moved into our jam-packed house. He has taken over the master/ my uncle’s bedroom. My sister and her boyfriend decided that they needed more space and moved into the garage. With the room empty, I thought I was in luck and would be able to move right in. Except nothing in life is easy for me.

I don’t know what they did, but the room was destroyed. From broken windows to smashed holes in walls and torn-up carpet, they generally wrecked everything they could get their hands on.

Don’t believe me? Look at this hole in the wall:

At least the had the decency to try and fix it themselves. They used duck tape and a caulking gun. I guess they thought if they painted over it, no one would notice.

Then there is the smell… it smells so horrible—body odor to the max. I washed the walls with vinegar and used baking soda on the floors. Unfortunately, the room doesn’t smell any better. I plan on renting a rug doctor and getting some deep cleaning solution I’m hoping that will also remove some of the smell. But But the carpet is stained and torn up. I don’t think a rug doctor can help it. If I could I would just remove the carpet.

I am at a total loss as to what to do. I’ve already started to fix the room, but I don’t even want to move into it anymore.

The thing that upsets me is I can’t even ask my sister to pay for the damages. My sister is petty, immature, difficult, and self-centered. I learned the best way to deal with her is to avoid conflict and give her her way because she’s unreasonable if she doesn’t get her way. She saw me filling into the holes in the wall and asked me what I’m doing. I don’t know if that was sarcastic or genuine. I mentioned the state of the room, and she shrugged it off. My sister and her boyfriend don’t understand why I’m so upset. They feel they are doing me a favor by moving into the garage because now I’ll have a room. They took their stuff out of the room but didn’t clean anything.

I should have expected the room to be bad. My sister has displayed some unhygienic behavior before but more bordering on annoying than anything else. She would leave her dishes for days on end, sometimes weeks. She doesn’t clean up after herself in the common areas like the kitchen. She doesn’t clean, not a pan, the stove, nor any part of the kitchen after using it, half the time she cant even be bothered to close the microwave door. I never said anything before since I’m not a very confrontational person, and I’m not a super clean freak myself. I try to generally just be accommodating to others, as long as they’re not limiting my ability to enjoy the house in any way I’m not bothered. It just seemed very ‘high-strung’ to complain about very common behavior.

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