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Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!!

If you don’t celebrate Easter- Happy Funday Sunday!!!!

It’s incredible how much can change in just one year. This weekend’s celebration of Easter means more than it ever meant. We are finally able to celebrate with family—we, like many other family’s suffered loss due to covid, it’s been hard not being able to gather together.

Growing up, Easter was a significant event in my family. Mostly because I come from a big family, and anytime we all come together, it’s a big gathering.
As a kid, most of Easter Day was super dull. We had to go to Sunday service, and when that was over, we watched The Passion of the Christ or The Ten Commandments. As a kid, the excitement was the egg hunt and tearing into giant Easter baskets filled with candy and chocolate bunnies.

As an adult looking back, I miss my family and all the moments I took for granted. The people I didn’t realize were the foundation of the family until they passed. I’m trying to give my nieces what I had as a child and then some. I want them to know they have good family support, and with covid, that’s a little impossible. It doesn’t help that I won’t even be able to attend Sunday dinner because of work. So I’m creating an environment before they even arrive of Easter bliss. Instead of watching The Passion of the Christ, I brought Peter Rabbit, Hop, and Winnie the Pooh Springtime with Roo. They have options I would have killed for. But knowing them, they are going to want to watch slime videos on YouTube instead.

On top of buying the movies, I also made them Easter baskets. Now I started buying filler for the baskets back in mid-March. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s probably the same thing my boyfriend was thinking as I brought all the stuff. “Eryn, it’s Easter, not Christmas. They don’t need anything. Give them a couple pieces of candy and call it a day.” Now, If you know me, you know I don’t listen. Hence why I went a bit overboard. Putting the baskets together, I could think was where I even bought this from? How much did I spend? To answer that, I spent too much. But it’s worth it. And I always go overboard, so this is nothing new.

With that said, I got some crap they probably won’t use and other things I think they will. It’s almost summer here, so I got bubble wands and egg-shaped washable chalk. They have an obsession with Hatchimals, and I figured since they are eggs, it was on brand. I found this Minnie Mouse Easter plush. I think it’s adorable, and I was slightly tempted to go back to the Disney store to buy one for myself.

I figured their mom would probably be a little bit upset if I just gave them a bunch of clutter. So instead, I filled all the eggs with candy. On top of the eggs, they also got party cake peeps and chocolate bunnies. I’m so disappointed that the footlong bunnies are now hollow. When I was a kid, they were these thick solid milk chocolate bars.

I usually try not to post anything religious because I know not everyone is spiritual. Still to me, it is a religious holiday and not just Sunday.

Today I got up at 5am to watch the Easter mass, and afterward, I took time to reflect on this past year. In one year, God taught me so much about myself, the importance of my relationship with Him, and most of all – to be thankful for what He has created for me. It’s funny how teachings we all think we hear over and over, out of the same book that is thousands of years old, can still throw a wrench in our daily gears to make us sit up a little straighter and take note as to what God is teaching me here.

Have a beautiful day today!

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